Saturday, April 3, 2010

Great News

Now I admit the test was fairly short, only 14 miles, but I believe the Prolonged Exposure Treatment has cured me of my flashbacks while riding the scooter. I made this wonderful discovery after riding for five miles while concentrating on getting used to this new scooter before I remembered THAT I HAVE FLASHBACKS. I was so excited! It only took two treatments. I was on my way to see Gregg Allee, who is working on the luggage racks and special luggage compartments and I quite honestly was relaxed and attentive the entire way there and home. I want to try this out of course, on a long run at higher speeds (I was only going 55), but this all comes as such a great relief.

I also got a call from Michigan's Safest Riders and they are setting up a private lesson for me in the coming week, so I should get this cornering issue settled.

The word from Mike Huspen is he believes his crew will have my rack for the back of the Tahoe ready in two weeks, then I'm really off. I will be able to independently rack up the scooter and take off for a ride elsewhere -- wooo hoooo!

Judy Deam is reconstructing my lighter-weight motorcycle jacket. Trying to get clothes to fit is always an ordeal. I buy them to fit around the surgical part of my abdomen, but then they need to be taken in everywhere else. Taking apart a jacket with protective padding at the shoulders and the elbows and making it all smaller is no easy task, but she is getting used to these kinds of challenges from me.

Sunday is supposed to be SUNNY and WARM. The scooter and and I will be off for well, a scoot!

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