Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tidbits (3/13/10)

Sometimes I don't want to post a blog if I don't have one big thing to say. But people have encouraged me to let you know what is up when I just have tidbits or fragments. So here are today's fragments...

For the last six weeks my knees have been hurting, the right worse than the left. I couldn't figure out if it was the elliptical, some residual issue from my scooter wipe-out last summer, or the most scary possibility: that my lack of abdomen had worn my knees and lower back out. I finally got in to see the orthopedic doc a couple days ago, and the prognosis is good. My knees are in great shape and only my cartilage is swollen and annoyed. He prescribed icing three times a day and some naproxen for a month. He also suggested PT, but I suspect that they won't be able to help me, given all the physical limitations that my reconstructive surgeon has placed on me. Regardless, I am so so happy. I was concerned that another major system of my body had given out. That it is only a minor issue, is a tremendous relief.

As a result, I haven't worked out in a week. This means I haven't lost weight, either (grrr), and I'm nervous about how much territory I may have lost. I'm going to get back on the elliptical in another two days and we will see how many minutes I'm able to exercise. For the record, I was doing 20 minutes of low-grade interval training when I left off, in addition to yoga a couple times a week (a very modified-for-injured-people yoga).

Two more cool books arrived to assist me in my planning efforts:

The other news is that on Tuesday, Michael and I are bopping up to Fox Vespa in Grand Rapids to give the MP3 250 a spin. Let's pray we don't get another snow storm or buckets of rain on Tuesday. The suspense is killing me. Oh, and if I am going to be giving it a spin, I need a helmet that wasn't compromised from my spill last summer, so I picked up a fresh one and it is girlie. I know, I'm surprised too.
My accountant suggested that we make a list of everything we think we are going to need to spend money on related to the trip. We want to get a grip on the expenses in advance. There are a couple of expenses for which we hope we can find sponsors.

I made a list of some of the potential practice destinations for this summer and their requisite mileage (Toledo, Minneapolis, Detroit, and a few others).

That wraps up some of the tidbits for the last few days... more soon, hopefully with pictures of me on the MP3!

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